Here’s where I post my weekly updates and progress reports for whoever might be interested in following.

For a bit of context:

In November 2016 my long-time friend Matthew Warner approached me with a moonshot idea: “Change kiwifruit orchard management using stereoscopic 3D vision and artificial intelligence”. It didn’t take much more to convince me and in January this year, I moved back to New Zealand – the country I migrated from almost 7 years prior.

From there, Matt and I founded Acuris Systems – an agritech startup focusing on the synergy of computer vision and neural net machine learning. We’re early stage, we have no idea what we’re doing and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Jumping in the deep end has motivated us to work and learn every single day, it’s a real sink or swim situation.

During our search for seed funding, we applied for the Flux Accelerator Programme -supporting early-stage companies with the best talent from a pool of world-class mentors, helping them rapidly develop between February and August 2017. Our company Acuris Systems was shortlisted to a final 16 from over 125 applications and although in the end our company was not picked, Flux generously brought me on as an intern, enabling me to learn almost firsthand the journey of running a tech startup, as well as access to their huge network.

In late July we secured funding to go ahead and build our proof of concept prototype. We’re currently working long hours to get the robotic platform ready by October 2017. Wish us luck!!!

Now that you’re up to speed, go ahead and see what I’ve been up to!

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