Fight Night – GBU 5

Hi there,

Thank’s everyone for your ongoing support and feedback this past week!


Massive shout out to Rory from for an awesome time at UFC Fight Night 110, Auckland. Funk Roberts an MMA trainer that follows the fighters in preparation for competitions, also happens to be a Vidapp client and managed to hook Rory up with a handful of tickets (in amazing seats I might add). First ever UFC event I’ve been too and I can’t rate the atmosphere enough. At times during the fight, the crowd was eerily quiet – you could even hear the fighters coaches at times barking instructions and adjustments. Already looking forward to their next event down under!

Moving along, we’ve managed to get some great feedback from Baygold on the topics I covered about Acuris’ value proposition, and after having a brief chat with Clinton (Flux Acceleration Manager) it seems we are on the right track. Following Clint’s helpful advice, I’ve arranged a time on Friday for an in-person catchup with the Baygold management team to delve deeper into their business’s core problems, what solution we can provide and more importantly the benefits they can gain – as soon as we understand those three points we are ready to move onto planning our companies roadmap followed by our capital raising strategy.

Late in the week I also received an unexpected email from Richardo Remote Data Systems. From what I can tell, they’re a cloud-based software as a service company that provide the horticulture industry with productivity and management applications. To provide their service they need data points which they’re currently sourcing from weather stations and manual user entry – it seem’s they’re particularly interested in our automated approach to gathering data. We’ll be meeting them on Friday afternoon before our catch up with Baygold seeing as we’re all the way down there anyway. It’s a strategic avenue I’m keen on exploring.


  • Met up with old family friends and caught the Crusaders v British & Irish Lions game on TV
  • Watching 5 finishes from 6 fights


  • Spending too much money on food (Need to start using Jude to track expenses)
  • With only 3 weeks until Demo Day – the workload at Flux is starting to steadily pick up


  • Getting destroyed in table tennis

Pics of the week

. . .

As always, appreciate your thoughts, comments & ideas!



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