Kiwi in motion – GBU 4

Hi there,

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support and feedback this past week!


With harvest season in the process of wrapping up, I’ve managed to finally get hold of some kiwifruit growers. My goal is that we begin the fundraising process within the next 2 months and with this in mind, I need to begin to gather all the information necessary to de-risk the company and better position ourselves for investment.

The basis of a strong pitch is a strong value proposition — as convincing investors will hinge heavily on how we answer the questions: “what value does this system bring to growers? / why will growers pay for this system?”. We need to convey our quantifiable value — in order to do this we need numbers and assisting us on this is Baygold, who have generously allowed us access to their businesses numbers and reports. What I’ve been focusing on this week is preparing the questions necessary to get a detailed picture of not only where we provide value but also how much value we bring to growers. The quality of these questions will be key to the quality of the answers I get back.

Here are my current assumptions:

Value proposition:

By optimising kiwifruit growing processes and management, our system will reduce cost and enhance the revenue of kiwifruit growing businesses. (note: the scope of our value extends to the business as a whole and is not limited to just the growing process)

The value-drivers we believe our system will provide:

  • Gains in profitability (superior fruit optimisation will enable growers to maximise their Taste Zespri Grade (TZG) — ultimately increasing their taste payments)
  • Gains in productivity (our system will enable the maximisation of efficiency and effectiveness of growing and business processes)
  • Salary or compensation savings (automated system will substitute human labour)
  • Future proof (technology can be retrained or upgraded, does not retire and is scalable when expansion occurs)
  • Piece of mind (constant fruit monitoring ensures issues in fruit and leaf health are detected early. Additionally, accurate fruit information allows accurate analytics of fruit growth, health and yield — No nasty surprises come harvest/post-harvest.)

Eager to hear what growers think is both valid and invalid about my assumptions — which in turn, will allow me to begin the iteration process. Until then it’s a waiting game.


  • Nothing to ask for this week


  • Refocused on Acuris Systems
  • Hearing back from kiwifruit growers
  • Electric skateboard motors arrived in time
  • Matt made it to France safely
  • Fibre internet finally available at our location


  • Quiet and lonely house after work with Matt now overseas
  • Spending too much money on food


  • Matt didn’t take the batteries out of the electric skateboard, which resulted in the board being taken off the plane… Huge nightmare to sort out — in the end, we were able to get a friend who luckily was also travelling to France to take the board with him

Next Steps

  • Form pitch and investor hitlist

Pic of the week/s

No new pics this week so we’ll have to do some throwbacks


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