Let’s Catch Up – GBU 3

Hi there,

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support and feedback these past few weeks!


Long time no speak (2 weeks to be exact). Been pretty lazy with these updates in the past few weeks so a lot to cover — let’s get straight into it.

Honestly, can’t give enough props to Matthew for his progress building the electronic skateboard. With only a week before he goes to showcase Charged at the Futur en Seine convention in Paris— we’ve been tracking perfectly with only a few minor hiccups. That being said we are eagerly waiting on the shipment of our in-hub motors to arrive which could prove disastrous if they don’t arrive in time…

Work at Flux has been very exciting too, with a bunch of high calibre speakers coming in to chat with us and the teams. Bill Reichert is a notable mention — He and Guy Kawasaki (an early Apple hire) founded Garage Ventures, a seed and early-stage venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. Bill was a great story teller and covered all things investment and pitching. I think of all the perks — what’s most rewarding about working at Flux is listening in on our guest speaker’s talks and uncovering gold nuggets of insights that aren’t accessible anywhere else.


  • Nothing to ask for this week


  • Sneaked a weekend back to Sydney to catch up with family, friends and Naomi
  • Better than expected time management on the electric skateboard (which for the moment seems to work)
  • Further clarity on the company vision of Charged (to be explained later)
  • Doing great work with Vidapp, one of our Flux companies. Check out their product at http://www.vidapp.com


  • Out of stock motors may cost us valuable time and money
  • Cash flow issues as always


  • My absolute killer headache last Friday night
  • Matt’s mug

Next Steps

  • Follow up with USPS on our motors

Pic of the week/s

. . .

As always, appreciate your thoughts, comments & ideas!



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