Fully Charged – GBU 2


Overall great progress on Charged, we’re starting to get some company structure in operation. In terms of how we’re tracking – the amount of work that needs to be handled will start ramping up soon, so absolutely vital how we prioritise what’s important and manage the workload. Matt’s continuing great work on the circuit board designs and to his enjoyment, we’re almost at the stage where we can start ordering him the components to begin building.

Earlier this week – an employee from Actemium, a subsidiary of the Vinci Energies Group reached out to me this week regarding my application of Acuris Systems into the Paris VivaTech conference. For some context, the French Embassy in New Zealand is looking to sponsor 8 startups with flights and tickets to VivaTech, Paris in mid-June. I applied Acuris with our automated orchard management solution which apparently caught their attention and is interested to know if we can apply our tech to the energy industry. Will be interesting to see what they have in the pipeline for us, wouldn’t mind a trip to Paris so fingers crossed.

Another short week so not too much more has happened, looking forward to doing it all again!


  • If anyone can link me up with product designers I would love to chat, contact me on nick@ridecharged.com


  • Starting to get right in the thick of all things Charged. Matt’s getting more excited than a kid on the drive to Disneyland
  • Exciting time at work (Flux) – Starting to see awesome product from the companies, with only 9 weeks to go before demo day
  • Awesome kit from rebrand of The Icehouse (Flux parent company)


  • Feel like I need to get out of the house more


  • No ugly this week

Next Steps

  • Harass kiwifruit growers until they get back to me

Pics of the week

. . .

As always, appreciate your thoughts, comments & ideas!



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