The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – GBU 1

Hi there,
Thanks for your support and feedback this week!


Really great week away with Naomi. Short trip to Queenstown, met up with her on Friday and stayed a couple of days before flying back to Auckland. Horse-riding trek through Moke Lake and Onsen Hot pools were definite highlights along with the famous Ferg Burgers.

When we returned to the North Island we did a brief trip to Taupo and Rotorua, visiting Huka Falls and all the geothermal attractions before leaving by Thursday afternoon.

Naomi got the shock of her life on Friday night when we took her to Spookers (think interactive haunted house experience) after a whole afternoon of telling her we were going to a carnival event. Money well spent as she was almost in tears by the time we walked through the haunted forest, reaffirming she would be the last person I want to be stuck with in a real horror situation.

All in all – a solid week off, filled with anti-lean spending. Now to re-centre and get back into the mess that is bootstrapping two startups.


  • Nothing this week


  • Taking Naomi to Spookers was a good time
  • Good thorough clean of the house after our little incident (read below)
  • Better clarity on the company vision with Charged


  • Kayaking around Eastern beach sounded a lot more enjoyable than it really was. Blisters on hands, windburn on lips and wet toes are nothing to be desired.
  • Kiwifruit growers not replying to my emails
  • Cash flow issues after two weeks of generous spending


  • Finding carpet beetles (larvae form) in Matt’s room was not cool… Bug bombed the house and washed all the clothes.

Next Steps

  • Chase up kiwifruit growers
  • Further planning for Charged
  • Continue to follow up the Callaghan Innovation grant

Pics of the week

. . .

As always, appreciate your thoughts, comments & ideas!



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